So I've pretty much become a trail mix FIEND since I lost all my weight. I love the crunchy nuts, and the sweet, chewy dried fruit mixed in with it. I adore the stuff. Truly. But it's hard to find the EXACT mix I want, in the proportions I want them in.

For instance I hate cashews- they're soft yet crunchy at the same time WTF!- and they're in practically 75% of the trail mixes out there! Oy vey.

And that dried coconut crap in a bunch of different trail mixes? Yuck! Super dry. No taste. Pure filler. Get that stuff outta my trail mix!

Now, Whole Foods has a trail mix "bar" where you can mix and match what you want, but the number of ingredient choices is lacking. And if I want, say, 20% of the mix to be peanuts, well, that's nearly impossible to obtain with their scooper spoon thingys!

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon You can customize your own trail mix. (Cue the music they play in movies when the clouds part and the sun begins to shine through.) Heck, you can customize 20 different kinds of trail mixes! This website is a blessing. I was elated when I got my first shipment.

So basically they give you like 30 ingredients to choose from, and you pick which ones you want, in the amount you want. It's truly mind-blowing! That 20% of peanuts can finally be had! Hallelujah!

I've been ordering their stuff for the past few months. All of it has been delicious. Their stuff is all fresh and just fabulous. I seriously have to stop myself from ordering their stuff once a week. Dang.. I want some right now! (Update: I just placed an order, foo!)

2 things to note:

1) They're based in Texas (I think), so it does take a few days to get to me. Which is fine. I try to time it so I get my mix on a Friday or Saturday cuz that's when I indulge and eat pretty much whatever I want.

2) The price. Now, my mixes cost around $11 per pound. That's at the high end of Whole Foods prices. But then you add shipping ($5), and I'm paying around $16 per pound of my trail mix- which I'm totally cool with! Like I said, trail mix has become my thang since dropping 150 lbs, and I absolutely LOVE their stuff. To be able to pick exactly the trail mix components I want is worth it to me. And I figure if you buy a bunch of trail mix (say if you have a family or whatever) then the cost will make more and more sense.

And remember: sure trail mix is healthy. But you can eat too much of it and get fat. You can eat too much fruit, too! Too much of anything is bad for your health. With, I order a 1 pound bag each time. And I ain't even gonna front- I smash the entire 1 lb bag at once! CUZ I'M A REAL MAN. Their stuff is yummy, man. But I don't do it everyday. Moderation is key.

So anyways, if you want to try it out, just hit up and do yo thang. Have fun!

And I'm not getting paid for this. I came upon genuinely. I think I found it via a Google search but I can't remember. Ever since I've discovered it, I've just fallen in love. And I'm always trying to help people eat healthy, so I figured people would appreciate knowing about them.

Their whole operation is adorable. Like the email I get notifying me of my order and shipping info is from someone named Chief Nut. They let you name your trail mix (I named mine "yo"- creative, I know.) And they even sent me a cute little card thanking me for my order. In pen! It wasn't something printed off a printer! They wrote it out! That stunned me. I found it endearing.

Here is my current trail mix ratio:

17% peanuts
17% pistachios
17% almonds
6% apricots
6% blueberries
6% cherries
6% cranberries
6% golden raisins
6% mango
6% pineapple

Can you believe how exact this stuff is?! LOL. They mean business over at! I'm thinking of upping the peanuts/ pistachio/almond portion to around 20% each. I mean, I love dried fruit, but they have tons of carbs and sugar. Anyways, here's some pics of my trail mix and the (love) note they sent me in another order: