Arnold Schwarzenegger is old, obvi. Too old for action? Well, yeah, in terms of his 80s action stuff. But he can still be a bawse on screen.

"Sabotage" is an okay movie. It takes a little to get going, but once it did, I got into it. The story revolves around Arnold and his rogue DEA crew dealing with local cops in New Orleans (or maybe it was Atlanta).

The cat and mouse game b/w Arnold and the local police is pretty good and I was enjoying the flick.

But nearing the end, the movie just turns into a big mess. The story gets bewildering and the amount of violence becomes unbearable.

So nice try, Arnie. I'd say "Sabotage" is similar in quality to Arnold's other recent post-gubernatorial movie, "The Last Stand." They're both okay, have some decent action, but lack in the eternal fulfillment department.