Right off the bat, I'll give you the fine print. My current wireless plan: $60 a month (I get an $8 discount courtesy of the lovely Clear Channel) for 450 minutes (althought I have many thousands of "rollover" minutes), 100 texts (miniscule by today's standards!), and 200 mb of data (again with the miniscule!). I hate my plan. HATE IT.  But I also know that most people pay around $100 a month for cell phone service, so I've been reticent to mess with my the $60 a month I fork over.

Almost 2 years ago, I got a Nokia 900. I hate it. Why? It takes fine pictures. But it's heavy. It's like 6 ounces. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. And it's Windows Phone. You know how you've heard of iOS? and Android? But you've never heard of Windows Phone. Or if you have, you know it's a joke.

And with the Nokia 900, Microsoft royally screwed me. Their next big OS upgrade would be Windows Phone 8. BUT THEY DIDN'T UPGRADE MY PHONE AND MANY OTHER NOKIAS. When I went with Windows Phone, I took a chance. I took a risk on an untested and proven product- AND I GOT ROYALLY SCREWED DOING SO. Microsoft basically said "All these phone get Windows Phone 8, but all of these phones, some barely a few months old, DO NOT." I was one of those that didn't get it. So.. NEVER AGAIN. SCREW WINDOWS PHONE. SCREW MICROSOFT. Although I do love Windows for my desktop OS fo sho.


Back in the day, a wireless carrier could (and would) continuously rope you into 2 year contracts because you wanted to keep your phone number. Thank God the government intervened and now porting your number to a different wireless carrier is law.

Another way wireless carriers got you to sign up for 2 year contracts was because they offered the coolest phone. Have you seen the phones on prepaid or no-contract services? They're archaic! Which is fine, but we are our gadgets. We looooove our cell phones. We want the coolest, latest cells. No wonder Al Qaeda hates out consumerist culture.

So in order to get the newest iPhone or the latest, greatest Samsung, we gladly sign our lives over for the next 2 years at $100 a month. A $100 a month subscription for at least the next 24 months is FREAKING GOLD to these wireless carriers. It's like printing money.


But then a disruptor emerged. Their name? Google. They introduced the first Nexus smartphone. It was GSM and unlocked. GSM means it can work with AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon ans Spring are CDMA. So while not truly free, have TWO options instead of ONE was a breath of fresh air.

T-Mobile launched a huge marketing campaign branding it as the "Uncarrier." I've found it in-your-face, rebellious, and it truly spoke to me. They're in 3rd or 4th place and needed to be brash and bold, and so they've adapted to what the market needed. Let's e honest: Most of us hate our wireless carriers. They charge us up the yin yang because they know mobile phones are the hotness, and we're like slaves to consumerism, so we take it.

The CEO of T-Mobile is a man named Joh Legere. I've been following his act for a while. He's very rock-and-roll. He goes everywhere wearing a bright pink T-Mobile t-shirt (underneath a blazer of course- the man runs a wireless company, after all!) and he mocks the other big carriers. I believe he's truly in it to change the game. So I'm buying in on his proposition. It may simply be crafty marketing and I may be facing another Windowd Phone debacle- but I doubt it. And I hope not.

T-Mobile has a prepaid service, like all the major wireless companies do. One of the plans they offer is not highly touted, in fact, it's sort of a pain in the ass to find it on their page. For $30 a month, you get 100 talk minutes, unlimited text, and "unlimited" data. I've come to realize I hate talking on the phone. I'd rather text. Pretty much the only time I talk on the phone nowadays is when I have to call some moronic customer service line. So when it comes to talk minutes, I said "Screw it." Interstingly, I think I have several thousand rollover minutes on AT&T Wireless. Like I said, I barely use them. I'll never use them all. Rollover minutes was a bright idea many years ago, but it's use (for me anyway) has come and gone.


So first off,  had to pick a phone. It had to be unlocked, and it had to be GSM. Unlocked basically means you can use it with more than one wireless carrier. GSM is the technology that T-Mo (and AT&T) uses. I narrowed it down to the Google Nexus 5 or the Moto X. And the wacky thing is that Google owned Motorola for a like a year, and just recently sold it off to Lenovo.

Honestly, it really came down to aesthetics for me. Since losing my weight, I've become very superficial. I'm very conscious about looks. The Nexus 5 has a red version, which I'd have no problem owning, but the Motorola has something called the Moto Maker- a website where YOU pick the main color of the phone, the accent color, a black or white face, and mine even has my name (Vincent Nicholas) on the back of it. AWESOME.

I went with Spearmint Green (so much hotter than regular green) for the main color. Then I went with Metallic Cherry for the accent. Not red mind you, METALLIC CHERRY. And I got the white face because, well, almost everyone and their mom has a black phone. Phones have become a commodity. They're all flat faced black rectangles. How do you differentiate yourself and stand out? COLOR!

On a side note: I love color. So many dudes have a black or brown messenger bag. Or a black or silver watch. Or a black or brown wallet. That's so boring and plain vanilla to me. I'm fun. I'm funzies! Check my stee-lo, playa!

My 2 year wireless contract expires on May 19. I am going to the aforementioned T-Mo plan on the 20th. I'll report back with how it goes.