So I'm a health freak now. Yup, yup. I haven't lost my fever yet either. And hopefully I won't ever lose it! But now that I'm maintaining my weight loss (thanks, Medifast!), I've gotten back into eating foods I love, but in a smart way. So here's how you eat somewhat healthily at the breakfast diner.

Eggs and bacon - These taste GOOD and are good for you. Go ahead and load up on the protein! Ham is a solid choice too. I'd stay away from the link sausages though, but that's a personal preference. BTW I order my eggs over medium CUZ I'M A REAL MAN.

Potatoes - Pass on the potatoes that come with the order. Every breakfast plate comes with hash browns or home fries. Skip them so they won't be there on your plate staring at you and tempting you. Easy peezy.

Fruit - Get a cup of fruit. Some places will give you a cup of fruit when you pass on the potatoes- some won't. So just order it on the side. A little fresh fruit after you smash some eggs and bacon is so pleasurable and refreshing!

Cottage cheese - Cottage cheese is your friend. Some places will let you substitute cottage cheese instead of the potatoes. Go for it! Or, like with the fruit, get it on the side. That's almost pure protein and low in carbs. It's good for you and it will fill you up. Eat up, buttercup!

Toast - Order the wheat or whole wheat for toast. They'll usually bring you 2 slices. Just eat one of them. You can do it. Dip that slice of toast into that egg yolk and IT'S ALL GOOD IN DA HOOD. And just say no to the pure sugar, I mean, jelly for your toast.

Waffles/ Pancakes - Look I'm a real man. I love a crunchy Belgian waffle as much as the next dude. But for now? I skip on them. That's not to say I'll never eat another waffle or pancake again. But right now, I just choose not to imbibe. But if I did, I'd go for the waffle (seems like less carbs than the standard 2 or 3 pancake order, no?) and plus I'd go easy on the butter and/ or syrup. Honestly, I think I'd skip the syrup altogether. The waffle/pancake itself is sweet! You don't need more sweet!!

This is a pic from a recent breakfast at one of my local faves for brekkie: The Waffle Shop in Rancho Cordova. Enjoy! =)