I drone on and on about being healthy, losing weight, and running 5ks, don't I? Well, if you work hard, ya gots to play hard, son! Or so goes the cliché.

My dude Will Yuan is throwing a party called "Aloha Summer" that I'll be going to. It's Thursday night, May 22, 2014, at Assembly in Sac. Hella honies and hot music sound like fun at the clzub to me! Much like the great rapper Knocturnal said "Drankin', smokin', straight West Coastin'". Except I don't drink and rarely smoke. Whatevs. Plus, there's a Hawaiian theme, so you know it's gonna be mad funzies. 

Now, it's on a Thursday night. Normally I'd be in bed at 6 PM. But I figure, what the hell? Of course, I won't go crazy. And I usually go to work at 1:30 AM.

So in a desperate attempt to hold on to my ever-vanishing youth, the plan is: I'm gonna go to this thing around midnight or 1 AM, then bounce before 2 AM, and then head right to work to prepare for the wonderful Armstrong and Getty radio show. Should be interesting.

So if you want to meet me (why anyone would want to meet me vexes me indeed) or if you just want to chill and have a good time, come on out!

Oh and this isn't any type of official KSTE event. I'm not getting paid at all. But my boi Will is cool peeps and I'm down to kick it, cricket.

Here's the flyer: