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Posted March 16th, 2014 @ 10:12am

The views expressed on this Blog are not those of Armstrong &  Getty, KKSF, KSTE, Any other station, Clear Channel, or it's advertisers. These  views are only mine... Also  This Blog is not for stupid people, If you don't understand humor or sarcasm  take a walk DON'T READ THIS... Also This Blog is Not FOR KIDS. Be over 18... I will talk sometimes  about adult subjects--- Got it!

Did Some Fool Just say----

Gay People Can't Get Married


Gay Men Can Get Married.. To Gay Women! A Cat Can't Be A Dog, And A Dog Can't Be A Cat.

I am 100% For Gay Rights But Come On Lets Not Get Silly.. I Know What My Liberal Friends Are Saying... Dominick Doesn't Understand.. But I Do..

I Love Gay People, Str8 People, White People, Black People... People... I Have Raised Money, Thousands of Dollars And Worked For Aids Research... Talked Young Gay People Out Of Hurting Themselves, Because They Felt Different...

If You Know Me You Know I Am Not A Hater... But I Have To Be Honest...

Civil Unions - Yes, Even The New Pope Thinks That's Cool...

But A Man Can Never Be A Wife... Copying What Str8s Do.. Won't Make Gays Happy... Call Your Mate.. Your Partner.. Your Partner...Not Your Wife.. Keep Your Dignity...

A Man loses Dignity when he calls another Man, His Wife or Husband.. Call you Dog a Pussy Cat all day but he will still be your Dog.

I Hope My Way Of Thinking Doesn't Offend Anyone.. But In America.. It's Okay To Think A Different Way.. Right?

.........Oh And Obama Sucks Too.


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