This is quite long (too long) but the "How to Change" part resonated with me.

From the post:


"And here’s the key: start to change how you see yourself. Start to say, “I’m someone who eats healthier.” And one bite at a time, start to believe it."


I believe not just positive talk, but HOW you talk to yourself is key in weight loss and keeping it off. 

For instance:

Don't say, "I can't eat pizza."

Say, "I don't pizza."

Will you never eat pizza for the rest of your life? Of course not. 

You might want to amend it and say "I don't eat pizza right now. Pizza will be there for me when I choose to eat it; when I'm ready to eat it. It will still taste great, and it will still love me all the same." Or something to that effect.

Saying "don't" instead of "can't" has been really helpful for me. When you say "can't" it's like you're denying yourself. Like it's forbidden! It'd be a sin to eat pizza. Which make that pizza all the more tempting and alluring.

But if you say "don't" it absolutely dismisses the possibility of said pizza entering into your mouth at the time, and your mind moves on to other things. For me, anyway.


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